Who am I ?

I’m a French clinical psychologist, graduated from the Paris X-Nanterre University. I have nearly 20 years of professional experience, acquired both in hospitals and in private practice, in France and abroad. I work with children, adults and couples looking for counselling or psychotherapy, in French and/or in English.

I have been trained in adult psychodynamic psychotherapy by APEP (Association Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse, Paris) and in child play therapy (Institut de Formation auprès de l’enfant , Trois-Rivières, Canada). I am currently continuing my psychoanalysis training with the SPF (Société de Psychanalyse Freudienne). My therapeutic approach is based on listening to all the subjective dimensions of my client, and adopting a pluridisciplinary approach (working with a neuropsychologist, speech therapist, psychiatrist, etc.) each time it appears to be necessary.

I have a broad and diverse professional experience which allows me to work with varied issues with children and adults : starting from « simple » and transitory psychological issues, serious life event or couple issues, to developmental or psychiatric disorders.

Adding to this general experience, I have a specific clinical expertise in the following fields :

expatriation (5 years working abroad as a psychologist, co-founder of the Réseau PsyExpat professional association, former clinical member of the Shanghai International Mental Health Association),

perinatal and parenting issues (prematurity, perinatal grieving, post-partum depression, etc.)(several years of experience in NICU, clinical membre of Clepsydre, a French professionnal association for PICU and NICU psychologists),

grieving, cancerology, palliative care (10 years experience in cancerology and palliative care units).

You can find here my publications and research papers (in French).