Reasons to come

Why and when schedule an appointment ?

There are as many reasons to meet with a psychologists as sand grains on a beach. The common thing to these unique situations is the disconfort or even suffering that they bring with them, disconfort or suffering the client / patient feels he or she might not overcome on his own.

You do not ought to feel terribly bad to make an appointment, or to wait for many years of psychological suffering to do so : as soon as you feel a subjective pain intense or long enough for you – and this even if your friends or family tell you you have « everything to be happy » – it is fully legitimate to meet with a mental health professional.

Who shall I see ?

You are not sure wether you should meet with a psychologist, a psychiatrist or another type of mental health professional ? You can find here a guide to the main mental health professionals categories, or make a first appointment with me : if necessary I will be able refer you to the most suitable mental health professional for you.

Making an appointment : online or at the practice office?

Each time it’s possible, coming to the practice office for a face to face session is preferable: there won’t be any technical interference during the session, and both patient and professional will benefit from all the verbal and non-verbal communication in a cosy and confidential space.

However, when circumstances make it impossible or difficult to come physically to my practice (moving, sickness, transport issues, etc…), online sessions enable to continue or even start a therapeutic process.

Meeting for and/or with my child

If you wish to make an appointment for a child’s issue, I usually recommend that the first session take place with the parents only (without the child). This first meeting will enable to speak freely of your child’s issues, without risking making him unconfortable.

I usually meet with the child on a second session, together with his parent(s) : first we explain why this appointment was made for him and what has been said about him in the first session, and then I meet him alone for a moment where we usually draw and/or play.

How long does it take ?

Individual sessions last 45 mn (up to one hour for the first session), couple sessions last 1h15 (up to 1h30 for the first session).

The total duration of psychological support or psychotherapy can vary a lot depending on each person. Sometimes a few sessions (eventually 1 or 2) are enough to relaunch a psychological dynamic or muffle an issue that took too much mental space, sometimes several years of therapy will be necessary. Just as an indication, patients usually come for an average support of 4 to 6 months.


First sessions have a fixed price :

individual sessions (45 mn) : 60€.

couple sessions (1h15) : 90€.

As financial limitations musn’t be an obstacle to therapy, when we agree on starting a psychotherapy (on a regular and mid- or long-term basis), we will agree on a regular fee considering your financial capacities.

Please note that psychologist sessions are not reimbursed by Social Security in France. Some health insurance might reimburse a certain number of psychologist sessions a year, please check your specific insurance contract if you think this might be your case.