COVID measures

COVID-19 prevention measures

In order to prevent coronavirus contamination, specific hygiene measures will be applied until the end of the pandemic.

During this period, online sessions remain a good alternative to face to face sessions (mandatory for patients having COVID symptoms). A minimum of 15 mn time between each session allows full aeration of the practice office and avoids meeting with another patient.

If you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID

If you have an appointment for an on site session and you have symptoms (fever, cough, diarrhea, loss of sense of smell or taste, skin rash for children) or have been tested positive to COVID 19, call me before coming (07 67 01 77 06) : we’ll decide together wether we postpone your session or switch it to an online session.

Before coming

  1. Put on a mask.

On arriving

  1. Thanks for arriving right on time in order to limit the time you’ll stay in the waiting room.
  2. Please wash your hands as soon as you enter the cabinet.


  1. Only one accompanying parent will be allowed (the first session with both parents can be done either on site or online).
  2. The number of toys used will be limited for each child (washable and disinfictable toys only), and put into a « to wash » basket right after the session. Toys will be systematically disinfected before being re-used.
  3. Children who don’t want to (or cannot) wear a mask will not be forced to. The therapist will wear a surgical mask at all time and stay at reasonnable physical distance during the session.

When leaving

  1. Wash your hands again or use hydroalcoholic gel.

Toilets : toilets will be regularly disinfected during the day but please use the disinfecting spray and a disposable towel after you use the toilets.